torsdag 5. mai 2011

Long time no post....

So sorry, we have been busy with school and stuff. Gomenasai.

Hi! This is Kaeru writing. Both Neko and Kame are at japanese lessons today. I wish I could also be at it, but it crashes with my singing. If not I would definitely have been there, so I have to study my japanese at home. It works fine, but I would like to learn more. Gambatte watashi x3

I have to make this kinda quick, because tomorrow we have a math test. =m=
Will blog more later.

Baii~ Kero-Kero (ケロ) 

søndag 17. april 2011

funny pictures from my mobile :D

 heyy, i just had to post somthing today. so here is
a random picture of me and two carrots enjoy~~

good nigth :3

lørdag 16. april 2011


Hola, right now it's 1.40 in the night and I'm bored........
Neko was having some fun, and drew this on my hands a while ago. Looks kinda like those body paint tattoos from India or something. 
Oyasumi nasai (Goodnight)

Kero-Kero~ (ケロ)


The two others have posted a blog post, and I haven`t... So...Ehm... But now I have, and I have too write something so... I have got my first mosquito bite, there you have it. I hope that you are happy. >. >

Here is a picture, that i have made using a base (I do not usually use bases...)

It`s me. ^^

- Nya Nya  (ニャ)

Rearranging my room ;D

Kaeru here, and right now I'm in the middle of rearranging my room. But I have a tendency to get distracted too much, and here I am, sitting on the floor writing a blog post. I wanted to share some pictures from the last week, so enjoy :D

 A banana with a banana hat :D
 A deadly weapon...
 Onigiri <3
 My awesome rise ball
 What happens when a bag with icing sugar explodes

Not so much text in this post x3 Baii~

Kero-Kero (ケロ)

vacation!! :D

hello, this is.... KAMEE :3
I thougth I could show you some drawings of; me, neko, kaeru and
what we do at our spare time XD (I have used bases.)

this is Kaeru, and yes she is a witch.

this is me, neko, kearu and two other friends :3
from left: me, neko, friend, kaeru and a friend.

here is a picure of me stealing Kearus bikini top >:3
(do not worry it havent really happened.. XD)

kaeru: Its no more mascara!!!!

and here is a drawing of neko as you can see,
she i very dominant.(she is)

well, see yaa later!

torsdag 14. april 2011


Thought I would write about something that really interest me, Gyaru. Gyaru is a japanese fashion and for somebody it's even a lifestyle. It started as a rebelliation aganst the japanese society's traditional look on beauty. The style's still in change the whole time, and the dark skin color is not that important any longer. The most substyles to Gyaru highlightes femininety. Hair and makeup is very imporant, and it can define if it is Gyaru or not. Most of the looks is focusing on being sexy, but some puts more focus on being sofisticated, mature, elegant, rock or cute. It variates a lot.

It is being said that the japanese artist, Namie Amuro have been an inspiration for the style, and some rumors say that she even stated the Kogyaru style. She had brown hair, tanned skin, miniskirts and platform boots.

There are a lot of subcultutres inside gyaru, like rock, hime, oneegyaru, and so on. Ganguro and manba is some of the more extreme styles. There is even styles for boys, Gyaru-o, Onii kei and so on...

 Rokc Gyaru
 Hime gyaru
 Kogyaru i uniform
Onii kei, can be used by both males and females.
There are still many other different styles, so if you want more detailed info, just google it or something.
Kero Kero~ (ケロ)
Pictures from google, og info from